Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Quick Hits

Two things.

First: in lieu of a Christmas "round-up", I'll deliver (a la Manders) a stream-of-consciousness Christmas review.

Three-plus days in my parents' house. Taking baby sister out for the day. Princess Diaries 2--less horrible than expected. Bookstore. Taking older-younger sis to Pei Wei. Bookstore. Starbucks. Actual snow flurries on Christmas Eve. Happy family. Presents. Guitar. Video games. DVDs. Cold mornings. Family dinner. Good leftovers. "Fat Albert"--much better than expected. Family board games. Sleeping. Church. Lunch with mom/sisters. Drive home. Texans win. Sunday afternoon nap. Domestic accomplishments--dishes, laundry, clean-up done. Reading. Watching "It's a Wonderful Life" for the second time in as many days.

There it is. Thursday through Sunday. A good weekend. Peaceful.

Second: I was saddened to hear that Reggie White died. I liked him quite a lot. For those who aren't sports fans, he was the great defensive player for the Philadelphia Eagles and then the Green Bay Packers. More than that, he was an outspoken Christian, who was committed to helping kids in poor urban communities. The world is poorer for the loss of him.

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