Friday, December 17, 2004

Happy Crapiversary to Me

Today is a very special day in the history of the Dave. Anyone remember why?

Anyone at all?

Well. Let's jump in the WayBack machine and take a peek.

*insert humorous time-machine-related transition here*

It was Monday of finals week. My first as a teacher. The secondary principal came up to me that afternoon and said, "Dr. Holzman and I would like to have a meeting with you at one o'clock tomorrow afternoon." I said, sure, though I felt a pang of dread in the ol' stomach.

Went through the next day. Got subway sandwiches for lunch with my good friend Ben. Ben and Nancy were sitting in my room with me, when the appointed hour came, and I said, "well, guys, I gotta go. Pray for me." And they said, "sure, dave. We'll be here when you get back. I'm sure it's nothing."

I made the long walk to the administrative building. Went into the meeting. Was told that I wasn't making progress, and that I was clearly struggling. I wasn't giving the parents, their "customers", what they wanted. (I thought, "but wait, you said that this was supposed to be a 'ministry'--when did it turn into a business?").

And then they asked for my resignation. They informed me that if any of my work was incomplete, they would withhold severance pay.

(I will admit that, during the meeting, there may have been crying involved.)

After a quick call to my folks, I went back to my room. Ben and Nancy were there. I smiled and said, "So, you guys gonna help me pack?"

Looks of shock. Ben said, "NO WAY." If Ben had been a profane man, he probably would have inserted another word.

And that was that. Resignation tendered the next day.


Two years ago. And I can say that right now, I'm at an infinitely better place in my life, praise God. So there you go. A little lesson in "all things working together" and whatnot.

(Those nostalgic among you can also check out the real-time blogging account here. At the time, I figured the less said, the better. ...Hehe. I forgot that I actually used those words. Funny. Some things don't change much, I guess.)

So tomorrow, I may drive by the school and give it a raspberry or hand gesture or something. But that's it. Because I know that I'm in a much better place.


If any of you would like to celebrate the crapiversary with me, at about 1:15 today, wherever you are, pump a fist in the air and say, "Damn the man!" I'd appreciate it.

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