Monday, December 13, 2004

PBB "Cool Ten" List for 12/12-12/18

10. My dad's 43rd birthday. I keep telling him he's a young guy, but he's not hearing me.
9. Violent vampire-hunting movies.
8. An early Christmas present.
7. A newish Christian rock band that I actually enjoy.*
6. Talking to my sister for about an hour yesterday.
5. Getting to teach one more Sunday.
4. The high temps this week staying in the mid-50s. (It's Houston, gimme a break.)
3. The Extended Edition comes out tomorrow.
2. Isaiah 52: 10.
1. Looking forward to hanging out with family and friends over the holidays.

*And they broke up after the first album. What is this? Hello? Reality Check, anyone?

Note to Christian rock bands who have just put out their first album: I may discover you in the near future, so try not to break up after one record, mm-kay?

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