Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Overheard in Chipotle Tonight

Twentysomething girl in nurse's garb (to two other similarly-dressed girls): ...So the girl, the pageant contestant, was like, "I think it's important for the education of American children... Asian countries... and the Middle East and the Iraq..." And she kept saying, "and like, and like, and like," like, three or four times. It was like she didn't know what she was, like, saying, so she kept, like, repeating the same things over again. Just, like, kept talking about education, and, like, kept saying "and like" over and over and over...

I was almost sprinting to the beverage fountain to keep from snickering in front of her.

I wonder if they teach the recognition of irony in med school?

On second thought: The very best part of this anecdote is that the contestant never actually said "and like" a single time. She did break out the "like-such-as" twice, but that's it.

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