Thursday, November 08, 2007

And I'm almost gone, but I'm still here.

Just checking in. Didn't want anyone to misinterpret my leaving the poem up for three days as any sort of hubris (though I do love the complimentary comments).

Work's been kicking my butt this week. Extra projects on top of usual duties. Lots of stress. I don't know if I'm coping well.

At least I haven't plunged into too many destructive behaviors as a result. Oh--check that. Today's menu for me has consisted of soft drinks and vending machine sweets. That's probably not very healthy.

Speaking of not very healthy, no I haven't been updating the Loserblog for a few weeks. I'll do that tomorrow. There's a reason I haven't been weighing-in or discussing my progress, of course; no progress has been made. Meanwhile, my TV counterparts have put up astounding numbers, and their lives have been changed for the better. I'll talk about that some, in that other writing venue, as well.

I need to refocus. Resurrect some dying habits. Reconnect with people. Read more.

I need to sleep more too.

Right now, I ought to stay and take care of business, put in some extra time and get some things done.

But instead I'm going to go home. Rest. Eat some real food.

You go do the same. Eat at a table, with knife and fork. Play with your pets and/or kids. Kiss your loved ones. And when you lay your head down at the end of the evening, ask Jesus to help you feel more alive tomorrow. I'll be praying that too.

Have a good evening, friends.

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