Monday, November 05, 2007

Follow-up Post: "F for Fundraising"

As it turns out, the befuddling find I forwarded last week was no fluke.

There is, in fact, a fundraising drive by Ron Paul's fans, fashioned after the Fawkesian folk hero. Their feat is to raise $10 million via 100,000 donations today, the fifth. As of this writing (12:38 p.m.), they are falling shy of $2 million. Not quite a fearsome figure, sure, but no flop either. There's still fewer than 12 hours left, so it could be a photo finish.

Frankly, I still find this funny in a way. It's a fiesty slogan, the "remember, remember" fragment, but does it fit? The character V is a terrorist--oh, pardon me, "freedom fighter." In the comics, he is fairly felt to be an anarchist (a perspective the creater Alan Moore seems to foster). Is this the image that Paul's faithful followers feel best fits?

All facts point to the affirmative. At least, this fan-video seems to fashion Paul as such a figure.

Furthermore: Fascinating. Fearing feedback, the technophiles fueling Paul's fanblog have followed this baffling fundraiser with a veteran-friendly focus for their efforts. Fair play to them, though it faintly freshens up their foul formula.

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