Thursday, November 15, 2007

Link Me Baby One More Time.

Some links for your perusal and review:
  • Former "Blue's Clues" star Steve Burns is still not dead.
  • Don't know whose blog I snatched this from, but this blog makes my little punctuation-Nazi heart happy.
  • Good news out of Iraq last month, as Iraqi soldiers decided to help Americans out.
  • Amanda T. sent me this video. Prepare to cry. Good stuff.
  • Not sure if I've posted this, but fans of "Heroes" might enjoy Adrian Pasdar's (Nathan Petrelli's) home videos from the set. Come to think of it, I probably have posted it. But it's still cool.
  • Just a note for fans of "How I Met Your Mother": Slapsgiving is less than a week away.
  • Topics that I've taken too long to comment on and are now barely registering on the pop culture radar: Ann Coulter's allegedly anti-Semetic comments, and Dumbledore being gay. Sorry. I may post on them anyway, but at this point it's almost a retrospective look at the topics.
  • Here's an easy opportunity to win a free private screening of the upcoming "Sweeney Todd" film for you and fifty friends. BUT if you win, you have to promise to save a ticket for me. I'm not kidding.
  • I want to get this chair for my living room. The perfect falling-asleep-reading chair.

Before week's end, I hope to post on the Hollywood writers' strike. But you know how it goes. With my luck, it will be resolved before I post on it. Then I'll just file those thoughts along with Ann and Albus.

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