Friday, November 16, 2007

In Which TeacherDave Takes a Moment from His Busy Schedule to Go Off on a Rant about the Recent Plot Twist of One of His Favorite Television Programs

Grant is Julian Luthor?!?!?!?? What are you SMOKING, Smallville writers????

To anyone with the barest knowledge of four-function math, Julian can't be more than 18!!! Grant is clearly in his middle-late twenties!!!!

And he's supposed to be DEAD!!! That was the whole point of Lex's character arc in Season 3 (which was the best storyline of the show's entire run, by the way). Finding out that his mom had post-partum and smothered his brother was a CRUCIAL plot point and character moment.

And now, with this colossally stupid "Ret-DISCon," you idiots have destroyed that last bit of unblemished coolness in the show's history.

Grant is Julian. Unfreakingbelievable. I hate you, Smallville writers/producers. I hate you very very much.

And Lana stinks too. Nyah.

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