Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Holiday Frivolity

That's right! It's the return of everyone's FAVORITE party game and PBB-running-gag:

"Re-Captioning Harry Potter Photos"!!!

(previous installment here and here)

Photo #1:

Gary Oldman hasn't looked this bad since the end of "Dracula."

Photo #2:

"Pshaw! Combs are for Muggles!"

Photo #3:

Director (outside of frame) : "Sorry, Mike, we need to do that take again. Daniel showed up behind you in the frame."
Michael Gambon (foreground) : *dramatic sigh* "D*** IT, DANIEL! DO YOU REALIZE HOW FREAKING HEAVY THIS ROBE IS?!?"
Daniel Ratcliffe: "I could take you, old man. I'm Harry Potter."
Michael Gambon (under his breath): "I really hate you."

Photo #4:

Cue Expendable Dark Arts Teacher #5.

Photo #5:

Entering the Hogwarts dorms, Lord Voldemort realizes where the Hufflepuff house got their name, and why they never seem to factor into any competitions or actions of any kind.

Photo #6:

See, Harry? Girls like boys with short hair now.

Photo #7:

In this "very special episode" of "Hogwarts 90210," Ron and Hermione confront Harry's disruptive habit of sneaking off to the "Potion Room."

Harry: "I don't need your help! I have it under control!"

Photo #8:

"I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so...SCARED, Ron, I'm scared!"

[the caption almost writes itself sometimes.]

Photo #9:

Explosive news bulletin in 3... 2...

Photo #10:

Don't be fooled--it's "V for Voldemort," punks!!!


[H-t: Yahoo! Movies. As always, please don't sue]

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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