Thursday, November 30, 2006

Confession Time: Music Edition

I loved the band No Doubt. Still do. Still listen to their stuff. But Gwen's first solo album, "Love Angel Music Baby," kinda freaked me out. I wasn't down with the crazy Japanese-influenced, heavily-R&B style she picked up. I was hoping for more of "Ska" Gwen, who is clearly in the deep past now. So yeah, I kinda hated the first album.

Well, her follow-up album, "The Sweet Escape," is on AOL right now, and I have to admit, something about it draws me in. I'm almost afraid to admit it, but--I kinda like it. Even despite the random yodelling on the first track. I can't figure out why I'm intrigued by the record. And that kind of freaks me out, too.

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