Friday, November 10, 2006

Notes from the Underwhelmed.

  • Tomorrow* is Veteran's Day. Make sure to go out of your way to thank the folks in the military, both past and present. They have done and continue to do a difficult and necessary job, so that we can do other things. No matter what your political stripe, that's worthy of some respect and gratitude.
  • The new Spiderman 3 trailer is out. I maintain that it will be the greatest comic-book movie of all time. Yes. Of. All. Time.
  • Sufjan + Christmas = Love. [h-t: Manders, probably.]
  • This carefully toes the line between hilarious and just plain wrong. But still, we now have the answer to the question: what if the Apostle Paul were a mid-level executive for the Burger King Corporation? [h-t: Myles]
  • Thanks to Barry, my keen little iPod, I was just reminded of how utterly amazing is the song "You Always Say Goodnight" by The Juliana Theory. If you own this song somewhere, I'd encourage you to find it tonight, and listen to it as loud as you possibly can, for further proof that emotion is, in fact, not dead. The part when the music swells there just past the middle. Holy cow. And there's even this moment, with about a minute left, where the song suddenly swoops up into Mr. Bungle territory. So choice. For those of you unfortunate enough to never have heard it, here's a Real Rhapsody link to the song. Use your headphones, and turn it up loud. Gooood stuff.
  • "Go deep." [h-t: BHT]

*corrected thanks to Mr. T.

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