Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Get back, JoJo.

Unrelated note: Have you ever tried to blow your nose on a Shipley's Donuts napkin? It's a process in which you use extreme care and still end up making a disgusting mess of things anyway, needing more napkins.

This is not unlike political discussions on blogs, which is why I have refrained throughout the campaign (emphasis on "pain") season.

[That was not simply a theoretical example to use as a transition. I really just tried to blow my nose on a Shipley's Donuts napkin. Wouldn't recommend it.]


So this morning, I was exercising my right to vote as an American citizen. As I approached the hotel where the voting station was located and walked up to the door, a man standing nearby asked, "Are you here to vote?" I assented, and he stuck a handbill in my palm and said, "Third floor."

I looked down at the glossy cardstock half-sheet, and saw that it listed "your [specific political party] candidates."**

I then noticed that he crossed in front of the sign describing the rules for the officially-mandated "point-of-no-more-propaganda" zone in order to hand me the sheet. According to the rules, he shouldn't have been within 100 feet of the door or inside the building. Which is to say, he broke the rules. According to the sign, it's a misdemeanor.

After voting, I returned to find him the requisite distance from the door. I don't know if it was a surge of conscience or if he got called on it.

I'm inclined toward reporting it to the authorities, so that someone can be posted at the site to make sure he doesn't do it again.

But instead, I'll leave it up to you, the readers. Consider this an informal straw poll.

If you think I should let it be and trust he will do the right thing, tell me.

If you think I should call the polling authorities to report illegal campaigning, tell me.

I'll tally the votes by lunchtime (if there are any) and let you know.


**Withheld the offending party for the purpose of impartial polling.

LATER TODAY: A post on religous issues on TV and why I applauded John Goodman yesterday.

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