Tuesday, November 21, 2006

PBB Recommends

Okay, admit it: you're not working any more than I am. So, since we're both slacking off, I thought I'd share what I'm being entertained by online.

--CBS's streaming last night's full episode of "How I Met Your Mother." The best episode of the series so far, and I'd highly recommend it. Click on the "Innertube" box to the right, and check it out. The title is alternately "Slap Bet" and "Robin Sparkles," depending on who you talk to, so I'm not sure. (Note: Fair warning--the jokes can be of a somewhat-risque, "Friends"-like quality, so if you find that offensive, please refrain.)

--AOL is streaming a remastered Beatles album, "Love." Trippy and awesome, this album takes many already-familiar classics and puts them through a psychadelic blender. Totally worth your 78 minutes. Follow the link, and click the crazy yellowish album cover.

--Speaking of streaming awesome, MTV is streaming the soundtrack to "Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny." I won't link it, though. If you want it, go find it. But consider it marked with the highest PBB content warning.

--I'll probably see this movie on opening weekend, because i'm a big geek. Trev, you up for it?

--And finally, the result of a fabled Jack Chick / Stan Lee collaboration. [h-t: alarm-squared]

So check 'em out, and then get back to work, you slackers!

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