Tuesday, January 31, 2006

One More "Movie Megacheese" Quote

On the acting style of Marlon Brando:
"How far back must we travel to find a Brando performance free of laughable eccentricities and doughy backsides? Hard to say. Exempting A Dry White Season, it would have to be a very long time indeed. Though he remained mercifully clothed in Superman, he truly turned in one of the dumbest performances ever purchased for $80 million, or whatever it was he got paid.

"For the making of Superman he demanded that he not see his lines before filming, and that they be put on cue cards at all the points he was going to look during the filming of his scenes. This he learned from Stanislavsky by way of Strasberg, in a course called, "The Method: Use it to Suck."

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