Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bored? How about another bizarro dream post?

I've been distracted since I made it in to work, but I'll try to recover what I can.


I was in some kind of test group for something. Consumer-testing, product-testing, that sort of thing. Rather, it was just after the group meeting, and people were mingling. The room was set up with rows of those half-table desks, where two people sit behind each one and face forward.

I knew there was some kind of concert or something downstairs, so I started making my way to the doorway. (I remember passing a table of goodies, and snagging a pint of chocolate milk in a clear plastic bottle, even though I knew--in my DREAM--that it was not allowed on my diet. It's like I can't even get away from guilt when I sleep. But dang, it tasted good, even if a little luke-warm.) I follow a late-middle-aged couple out the door and down the stairs.

We came out onto the lower level, which was like one of those concert venues where it had the "barn" roof supported by poles, but no walls--all open air. (No, that doesn't logically jive with just being upstairs. It's a dream.) The floor was bare concrete, typical of such a venue. In the far corner was a stage, with a crowd of about 200 or so around it. We walked through the doors, about 10 feet further, and then down a set of four or five stairs. The couple stopped a girl, mid-twenties with brown hair in a ponytail, coming up the stairs, beer in hand. They knew she worked there. The man said, "You look like you're about done for the day." She nodded and said, "I'm about three steps away," indicating the stairs.

The man asked something else, and the girl said, "Oh, you'd need to talk to Outlaw Dan about that," and pointed at another man crossing the floor about 20 feet away. [It may not have been "Outlaw" but it was some kind of radio disc jockey name similar to that.] The couple thanked her, and went to talk to him. Outlaw Dan (radio personality extraordinaire) was overly tan, with that poofy combed back hair and receding hairline--Shadow Stevens, the later years. I seem to remember he said something to them, and to me too, and maybe gave us some cheesy radio station crap. Either way, he said, enjoy the show, and I turned to watch the music.

The person on stage? Beck. Oh yeah.

As I started listening to the music, I was interrupted by Bree, who stepped between me and the stage, and said, "Hey man, check it out!" He had his arms spread a few feet apart in front of him, and with both hands was pointing at his face. His nose was about two feet long, and tapered up at the end. I half-nodded, and said, "Nice." I distinctly remember thinking, "Show-off."

Bree left and I turned my attention back to the stage. It was at the end of a song, and Beck was doing his Beck thing. There was a guy to the right of the stage, and Beck was doing this kind of call-and-answer thing with the guy. Beck would be all into it, intense "hip-hop" arm waving, lots of movement, when it was his turn; then immediately he turn and would look the other way and stand in a kind of nonchalant hipster pose when the other guy answered. The funniest part of this was, the "call and answer" was just alternating saying some variation of "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!" (all in a four-count).

So it was like this:
"yeah YEAH YEAH yeah YEAH YEAH yeah YEAH!'"
"YEAH yeah yeah YEAH Ye-yeah ye-yeah YEAH!"
"YEAH yeah yeah yeah YEAH yeah yeah!"
"YEAH ye-yeah YEAH ye-yeah YEAH YEAH!"

The other guy doing this with Beck would pull the same poses Beck did on his "off" turns. (I saw this guy clearly, and he kinda reminded me of the guy from OBU who looked vaguely similar to Craig the Sigma, but less interesting.)

Finally, at the end, people cheered. The guy jumped up on stage, and gave Beck a hug (a "man-hug" with the slapping of the back). But I saw, in the guy's hand behind Beck's back was a chrome .45. But Beck was cool with it, and the guy wasn't threatening with it.

--The End--

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