Friday, January 27, 2006

Fanboy Post Warning: Contains "Smallville" Ep. 100 Spoilers

Bear with me, non-SV-fans. I want to write this out, and don't have the patience to wade through the fansite forum. So here you go. Consider yourself warned.


Huh?: First, what the crap. Clark flew? Don't call it a jump, it was too controlled. The Powers that Be (TPTB) will call it a "jump" but that's bull. The boy flew. My immediate (and out-loud) reaction was, "When the CRAP did he learn how to do that?"

Lame: Also, the ring: I get the "creating-diamonds-with-his-bare-hands" bit, but there's no way he could have faceted the diamond before mounting it on the ring.

Good: Michael Rosenbaum is undoubtedly the shiz. His two near-identical drunk scenes were pitch-perfect (on his end). Lex is my hero, and frankly, I prefer him to Clark at this point.

Painful: Clark, dude, Chloe's in love with you! Quit rubbing your Lana relationship in her face. Ass.

Finally!: The end of "Clana" (the Clark-Lana relationship). Even if he pathetically holds on, which he will, it's over on her end. And it looks like Lex is gonna step right in. Good boy, be the jerk! At least Lex treats her better (not that she deserves it).

Wait-wha??: It took me reading on the fansite to figure out that Lana saved Lois from slipping and falling the first time, and that's why Lois was unconscious and nearly electrocuted in the second version of events. My problem--didn't she fall during the day? Would NO ONE have found her in the meantime, especially since it was KENT CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS and she was his CAMPAIGN MANAGER? Was she THAT unnecessary to his win?

Cool: Clark stopping the bus. Go Clark.

Duh: So Jonathon was on his way to meet Lionel the first time--that's why he showed up on the wreck scene so quickly! Geez. Would have been nice if someone had explained that better.

Zow!: Way to go JK for sucker-punching Lionel. Too bad it blew up your heart.

WOW: Amazing performance by Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent. Hello, Emmy voters, show her some love!

Nice Repetition: The presence of certain lines during the matched Lexana scenes.

Nice Repetition, part 2: Clark woke up from a "dream," and made a different choice, to keep Lana from dying--just like Lex did.

Nice Repetition, the third: Clark helping Martha put on her necklace, just like JK did.

Overwraught, sure--touching, yes: The slow-motion snowy funeral of Jon Kent. It was so cheesy, but still so nicely done. The shot of Lana's hand pulling away from Clark's. The shot of Lex, a short distance away, looking at the grave, and then at Clark and Lana holding hands. A shot of Chloe and Lois, seeing Clark and Lana together at the graveside, before they walked away. Lionel walking up behind Martha. Just nicely done all around.


So, final judgment? I liked it. Probably more than I should. The general consensus online is somewhere between disgust and outrage. I'm sad, but not totally.

I don't like that Lana didn't die, because I thought that it would progress the story so much more. But, Jonathon's death is canon, so it's not that bad. And it wasn't a direct trade, giving up Jonathon for Lana, because that would have been awful. In a way, it was like "The Butterfly Effect." That's why I'm not disgusted by the sort-of "time-travel" aspect of it. It wasn't time-travel in its normal sci-fi sense. It was like a "do over." And that worked for me. Like I said, I'm probably too easy on it.

What I hope, from this point on: Lana and Lex get together, and seek out the truth about the meteors/spaceships. In the process, Lana turns evil. Clark finally gets over Lana (quickly, please) and maybe he and Chloe can get together for a while (not likely, since it looks like she's gonna go to Crazy-Crazy-town in the next two episodes). Clark actually grows the heck up, quits being a Dawson's Creek reject, and finally assumes the mantle he was destined to. And in the finale, the showdown between Clark and Braniac/Zod.

Don't I wish. Keep your fingers crossed.


Okay. Non-fans, thanks for bearing with me. Non-fanboy posting will resume next week. Have a good weekend.

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