Friday, November 18, 2005

*tapping fingers and yawning*

I feel like I owe it to you guys to write something today. But for the life of me, I have no idea what to say. There's no burning issue to get off my chest. No heavy emotions. No sudden developments on the romantic front (don't hold your breath, heh). Everything's just kinda mellow. So how about a post of whatever pops into my head? That'll work, right?


I had Thai food for the first time today. We always go out for lunch on Friday, and today the boss insisted on a little Thai place in the Village. It was funny, because one of the girls suggested a buffet, and the boss gave this five-minute speech on how buffets were bad, only to find out that the Thai place he had his heart set on was a buffet.

Honest reaction: meh. Certainly not worth the ten bucks (buffet and water, plus tip). I prefer my good ol' Americanized Chinese buffet much better. I did learn two things about my food preferences today: peanut sauce and curry are both on the "gross, no thanks" list.


After Thai, we walked a block and a half to TCBY for some fro-yo. Stopped in a few shops. Everything was overpriced but cool. One shop had some really great handmade decorative items, that ranged between "cheesy child's-art-project" and "really cool craftsmanship."

Got yogurt. Then went to Barnes and Noble for a few minutes. The boss wanted a Frapp. (I've got a cool boss.) I bought a writing magazine. I could use some inspiration.


I'm also reading Bird By Bird again. It's now in the "1" slot. The way I work the juggling of books in progress, is really a matter of priority. I have the book I carry in my messenger bag, that I read on the train to and from work, and at lunch. This is the "1" slot. Then the book I read at night for an hour or so, every other night. This is usually the book I'm using for SunSco, or a dating book I'm too ashamed to read in public. This is the "2" slot. If there's another book that I started and stopped because I wanted to read something else, it falls into the back-up position. That's the "3" slot. It's not necessary, and doesn't have to be filled.

I usually don't do more than three. Much past that, I just put it back on the shelf and pick it up later.

So, currently: 1) Bird by Bird; 2) the Paul book; 3) nothing yet. Maybe I'll pull out that Dylan Thomas anthology and kick it around a bit.

Upcoming reads: Pride and Prejudice; a C.S. Lewis collection that includes "Pilgrim's Regress" and "God in the Dock"; and a collection of Dickens' Christmas stories, including "Christmas Carol."


For those in the know, I had a three-pronged goal of personal discipline and growth that I started on the first of this month. First, health--eating good food and exercising. Second, money--properly spending and budgeting, and paying off debts. Third, writing--getting something down every day.

The other night, I left work late and didn't want to go home. I felt like being around people. So I jumped on the northbound train, instead of the southbound, and went to Chipotle for dinner. Then, after eating most of my overfull burrito, I walked nextdoor to Starbucks and got a Frapp (whatever the "medium" size is), and read my book (Karamazov--I finished it yesterday!). I got back on the train and made my way home, where I sat and watched TV for an hour or two.

It occured to me, before bed, that I had successfully NOT done any of the things I had purposed to do. I had spent money unnecessarily, on food that was bad for me; I didn't exercise that night; and I went to bed, not having written a word.

It was the trifecta of laziness. Way to go, me.


I know you don't care, but I have to say, Smallville is rocking my face again. Last night's episode was awesome. Unfortunately, the next one isn't until December 8, when it will be a holiday-themed "what if Lex was good" episode. After that, the new episodes won't begin again until mid-January. I'm really looking forward to the show's 100th episode (airing sometime in February), in which at least one major character is rumored to die. My bets? Clark's dad is a goner. Lex's dad may also bite the big one. An outside bet is Chloe dying, but I really hope it's not true. Not only because she's still integral to the plot, but also because I think she's pretty hot. A very smart, sassy, "Girl Friday" character. Don't want to lose that.


I want to go see a movie this weekend, if I can afford it. Either Harry Potter (like everyone else) or Walk The Line, which should be awesome. If I can't afford it, I'll either spring for the dollar movie, or I'll use my "free ticket" pass at AMC and see "Elizabethtown" again.

*checking movie times*

Strike that, E-town is no longer at any AMC theaters. Shoot. Guess there's always video.


I'm hesitant about making the switch to Typepad. It's stupid, but I am. First, paying for it is kinda wonky. I'm used to free blogging. That's not the real issue, though.

I'm used to Blogger. You're used to me being here.

I'm not the type of person who deals well with change. Especially when something is so comfortable.

I know, I know. It's just a website. I'll have a new one. You'll all come visit. But it won't be the same. I feel like I've invested something into this stupid collection of zeros and ones. Moving on to something else just feels...wrong somehow. Even if it is just to another page.

Plus, I just got a compliment on my current site design/headings from a fellow blogger and Crows fan. Made me happy. That gives me pause.

This is all sound and fury of course. I'll go ahead and make the switch, I think. I can do more with Typepad anyway. It just takes me getting comfortable with it.


I want to be in love.

I know, I know, I KNOW. I swore off that pursuit. I decided that I was done making myself crazy over it. And I am.

But I still want to be in love. I miss that feeling.

That's all.


I'm trying to get my money situation straightened out again. I'm waiting on a reimbursement check from work for business trip expenses. It's taking forever, which is putting me in a tight spot. Oh well. What else is new, right?


Class is going well. We're finishing Colossians this week.


I can't think of anything else. Have a good weekend.

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