Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Link-Drop Wednesday

A day earlier than normal. Why? I dunno. Felt like it.

  • Fans of DCTalk's 'nuttiest' member, Kevin Max, will enjoy this interview from May, as well as this very positive review of his newest album, "The Imposter," released last month. (If you missed his last album, "Stereotype Be," you should track it down--it was cool. I expect big things from the new one.)
  • I was really sad to hear the WWE Superstar Eddie Guerrero died. (Stop smirking, I'm being totally serious.) And while it would be easy (and mean) to immediately assume the cause was drugs, the real cause, according to recent reports, was heart failure. Eddie had been clean for four years. He was a showman, an athelete, and a great performer.
  • If you haven't heard of Nooma, you're missing out on what appears to be the new, big thing in church media ministry. (Normally, I'd be saying this sarcastically.) Usually, I'd be the one ripping on the "new big thing," but not so in this case. Nooma is a series of short films by Rob Bell, which touch on some big religious ideas, often coming at them from a different perspective. Really informative, really heartfelt. Very high production values--the films are deftly shot and edited. Highly recommended. On the website, you can watch clips of all of the films, as well as the entirety of the first one (called "Rain"). For the first time in a long time, something popular in Christian culture is actually worth checking out, too.
  • Internet Monk has been on a roll lately. Here's a post on the recent interest in C.S. Lewis' sex life, as well as some thoughts on The Prayer of Jabez and the "Look at Me!" offering (wear steel-toed boots for that one).
Enjoy. Discuss. Disagree. Argue. Comment.

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