Thursday, August 05, 2004

More than this... there is nothing...

Things that make me sigh contentedly/wistfully:

  • Winter in Oklahoma; walking in from the snow to a warm building, peeling off layers of clothing as the numb tip of my nose begins to thaw.
  • "Sixth Avenue Heartache" by the Wallflowers.
  • Weddings of close and beloved friends.
  • Sleepy, overcast days that I'm allowed to spend on the couch, reading, occasionally looking up at the greyed-out window.
  • Scarlett Johannson singing "More than This" in Lost in Translation
  • The smell of new ink
  • Remembering what romantic love felt like. The good parts.
  • Hiding away in a bookstore.
  • The smell of coffee.

Your turn.

Update: Okay, okay, I thought of more (and I'm poaching some of the ones mentioned already).

  • Yes, pretty much everything by the Counting Crows (I thought that could go without saying). But especially "A Long December" (which reminds me of a girl from California I fell in love with in high school), "Anna Begins," and "Holiday in Spain."
  • "Fred Jones, Part Two" from Ben Folds' live album.
  • The smell of cold.
  • Crunching leaves.
  • "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley. (Good call, Krista.)
  • Torrential rain.
  • The thrill that comes from holding that certain someone's hand for the first time.
  • The ending of Before Sunset.

Enough. You go again.

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