Monday, August 23, 2004

"All I want is to feel this way..."

"...To be this close, to feel the same..."

Happy Monday.

Thursday's post caused quite a stir, it seems. Thanks to all for your comments and concerns. Allow me to reiterate that I am quite realistic about inter-gender relationships, and the unpredicability of "wuv." My list was only half-serious. I tend to agree with the camp that claims common interest is important in a long-term relationship. I think this is true. If you and yours don't share a single interest, what have you to talk about? How much you love each other? I would classify myself as a romantic, but even I have limits.

No, I believe that you and yours must share something in common. And I think it follows logically, the more, the better. Makes it easier to do things together when neither party is dragging their feet.

I don't think I'm being unreasonable about this. If I'm passionate about something, it would be difficult to pursue if my wife is dismissive of it. Especially when that something is writing. Or cake.

So anyway. There you go. Those who have asked what qualities I'm looking for, you now have a slightly better idea.

Very good. Onto other matters.

I just finished watching the DVDs of Smallville: Season One. So good. Great cliffhanger season finale. If it hadn't have been almost one in the morning when I finished the season, I would have started the next one. Good times. Season 4 begins Sept. 22.

Saw two movies over the weekend (as if I could afford to do so). High recommendation for Garden State, which made me very happy. Zach Braff did an amazing job as star/writer/director. And I still adore Natalie Portman, even though she has decided to go the way of Elizabeth Berkley in her next role. Garden State also has a fantastic soundtrack, which I've listened to about ten times in the past two days. The film has been compared to "Lost in Translation" and "The Graduate", and while the comparisons aren't quite accurate, I liked Garden State more than I liked either of them after one viewing. This will likely end up in my personal collection when it's released on DVD.

Also saw the "must-see" slacker movie of the summer, Napoleon Dynamite. To its credit, I admit that I like it more in retrospect. But several times during the movie, the only thought in my mind was "this is the most retarded movie ever made." And the movie didn't really try to dispel that thought, so much as enhance it. It's composed of a loosely-strung series of scenes that work only to magnify the uber-weirdness of its characters. I laughed a lot during the movie, but often because I was at a loss for another way to react. This movie is not really that clever, and adds nothing new to the world of comedy. But, on the other hand, it goes so far into the world of "extremely bizarre" that it comes back to being "funny." So if you have a penchant for oddity, have at it. Otherwise, go see Garden State instead.

The next part of the "Radical Living" series may take a while. I've been doing more reading on the subject. Hoping to have Part Three up by week's end.

I'm dealing with a frustration common among booklovers: not being able to read everything at once. Damn you, space-time continuum! I'm involved in four books right now, and my desires are dragging me in six different directions. Currently reading: The Drawing of the Three, Waking the Dead, The Cost of Discipleship, and Three. Also wanting to read: a three-pack by C.S. Lewis and either The Federalist Papers or John Adams. And because of my recent foray into Smallville fandom, I haven't been reading (or writing, for that matter) as much as I'd like.

Things would be so much easier if that stupid "work" thing didn't clutter up my days.

I have been informed that I have been remiss in my Olympics coverage. This is really due to two things: first, I don't have cable, so I can only watch it on the half-visible reception of NBC that I get; and second, at the risk of being a BAD American, I'm just not that psyched about it. Yay for America and all that, but I'm just not gonna watch two hours of ping-pong--oh, EXCUSE me, "table tennis." They should make air hockey an Olympic event. I'd be down with that. In fact, I'm going to boycott all bogus Olympic events like badminton, table tennis, synchronized swimming, and that stupid trampoline gymnastics thing, until Air Hockey takes its rightful place at the Summer Games. At which time, I shall begin my training to compete in the next available Olympiad.

So, to safely reaffirm my citizenship, here's your medal count: USA, lots; everyone else, not as many.

In other Olympic news, I'm officially withdrawing my support of Team Iraq soccer, for being ungrateful bastards. Yes, I understand and can appreciate that hard times that the country is facing, and their worries about the violence from radical Muslim extremists committing terrorist acts. But to call the American occupation of post-Saddam Iraq "one of our most miserable times" and to list off the occupying military force as the reason for this misery...well, it's pretty pathetic. Nevermind the fact that if they lose, they won't have to worry about Uday Hussein torturing or murdering them when they return home.

Paul Hamm's gold medal is being contested, which I think is bogus. He gave the gutsiest, most impressive performance I've ever seen in my limited viewing of gymnastics. Let it go.

Everyone under the sun is doping up. Greeks, Russians. Hell, probably us too. Who knows. [/jaded commentary]

There you go, Amanda, Olympic commentary. Go USA. Beat all the pinko Commie bastards.

Apologies for using the words "bastards" twice. Oh. Three times. Sometimes, it's just appropriate. But not that third time, that was excessive.

Anything else? Oh--right. (And this is funny, considering the previous paragraph.) I've been asked to lead Sunday School for the next two weeks. The possibility of doing a mini-series opens up some interesting options. Any ideas? If nothing else, your prayers would be appreciated.

Okay. That's it. Peace and love.


Once more--"bastards."

UPDATE: In the interest of full disclosure, I just realized that the "ungrateful bastards" label had already been applied to Team Iraq by Ken Summers. I honestly thought that my comment was a wholly original thought, until I read his blog this afternoon. My mistake for appropriating a thoroughly appropriate sentiment. (Warning: Strong Language)

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