Friday, October 10, 2003

"Will the fight for our sanity be the battle of our lives?"

Hey kids. It's 9:47 am and I want to go home. Work bad, sleep good.

I'm debating whether or not to go see "Kill Bill (Volume One)" tonight. There are obvious reasons to do so:
--I loved "Pulp Fiction"
--I enjoy the action movies
--Uma, Uma, Uma
--Swords! ... Swords!

But then again:
--If I watch this one, I'll *have* to see the second one in February
--It's been called the most violent film not to get an NC-17 rating in recent memory
--I think "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" maxed out my blood-letting budget for the month
--paying full adult rates at the googleplex
--isn't Tarentino kinda cliche at this point? No, he's not. Nevermind.

So, yes, the jury's still out. If there's a good flick at the dollar, I'll go there instead, cuz, seriously, it's a buck fifty. I love paying a buck fifty.


Waterdeep (at least Don, Brandon, and the current Bass player) are working a short tour through middle America while Lori is getting bigger and bigger at home (the brand new Chaffer debuts sometime soon). The band will be in Dallas the day after my birthday. Sadly, that's a Wednesday. Double sadly, I can't cut out of work cuz it's our big ugly meeting day (and it sounds like this one will be bigger and uglier than ever). This coming weekend, the band is in Colorado, and next weekend they're in KC. Don says this will probably be the last tour for a while. And now that I have a job, I can't make it up to see them. Which is frustrating. But really, I'd rather listen to their CDs while I'm paying my bills and living in my own apartment, thank you very much, new job.

I got my first birthday card yesterday. It was a perfectly chosen card, made specifically for the early-mid-twenties (or late-early-twenties). As I am turning 23, I found it humorous and applicable. Thanks to Manders for brightening up an otherwise sickly and overcast day.

The official word from my digestive system is a complete veto of all Uncle Ben's Pasta Bowl products. And I'm happy to go along with that.

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