Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Remember, ladies, it's what we can't see that intrigues us...

It seems that the Muslim world has found its own symbol in the children's toy market. To compete with the overtly-curvy and oft-improperly-clad Barbie, the new girl on the block is Razanne, who wears long dresses and a head scarf, and is "less buxom" than her Western counterpart.

The stated purpose is to help Muslim girls understand that Allah and good Muslim boys look at the inner beauty instead of the outer.

But you know that all the Muslim Ken dolls are wondering about is what's covered up.

Okay, so that may be going too far.


I am half-tempted to make a crack about a few of the dolls blowing themselves up when you put them in Barbie's sports car with her, but that would just be in bad taste.

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