Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Author's Note

A brief complaint against technology, written in blank verse:

O, why why why did the computer feel
The need to change my words' formatting so.
I wrote them diff-er-ently, sir, for real,
Than how they ended up on my last post.
I spaced each line particularly "e."
So that my joke would be more clearly seen
But now it seems the joke has fallen short
Because the comp does not like comedy.
So now, I sit, upset, left-justified,
And missing most of my poetic grace,
Well, here's my best attempt at paying due
To one who did so much for my career.

Not much of a career it yet has been,
But soon, I hope the real one will begin.


[And it turned into an unrhymed sonnet. Man, I have no control over this stuff.]

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