Friday, October 17, 2003

The Friday Fourteen

Again, mad props to Manders for list selection:

Fourteen Websites that I Recommend Highly

(in no order, as always)

1. The Living Room--Even though Manders failed to mention me in her list, I will drop her name into mine (thereby causing her to feel very very guilty. Gwahahahaha...)

2. Relevant Magazine--God. Life. Progressive Culture. What else do I need to say? Very hip, moderately orientated (politically speaking), and always interesting. Check daily, as their "Slices" change almost daily.

3. Seth Woods--One of my new fave singer-songwriters. And proof also, that I'm totally indie.

4. Oklahoma Baptist University--Much love to the old alma mater. Not the best college in the world, but certainly not the worst.

5. The Onion--Okay, if you are really easily offended, don't bother. Otherwise, check out this site for the best social commentary and satire around.

6. Sarah Hatter--As I have stated before, I read this post often, because her abilities with the written word never cease to amaze.

7. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center--this is where I work. Voted the number one cancer hospital in North America the last two or three years in a row.

8. Counting Crows--the best band in the world. If you can't appreciate their greatness, spend three hours at this site, and soak it all in.

9. Book Magazine--one of my favorite publications, with very interesting articles on the publishing industry and the lives of various authors.

10. Stephen King--all hail the King. You may think he's creepy (quite), you may be convinced he worships the Devil (he doesn't), but love him or hate him, you have to admit he is very very good.

11. Outpost Daria--this is the best fansite I've seen for my favorite cartoon of all time. MTV's own Daria Morgendorffer--the cynical, anti-social, strikingly perceptive loner that has lifted up the stone of high school life to reveal the squirmy disgusting underbelly of... nevermind. The show is awesome. I'll leave it at that.

12. Chicago Cubs--I'll avoid bitter commentary here. This is the official MLB site for my team. There's always next year.

13. Project Gutenburg--I think this is absolutely rad. Full text of many classic books online. Rocks my face off.

14. The Return of the King--I'm counting the days, man. I'm counting the days...

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