Friday, October 10, 2003

"Sweet Jane, sweet sweet Jane..."

I've decided for no apparent reason, and have felt for the past few weeks, that I need to find a girl named Jane. Could it be the music I'm listening to? The cruel trap laid by The Velvet Underground, Cowboy Mouth, Cowboy Junkies(covering Velvet Underground), Barenaked Ladies, and others? Could it be the subliminal messages coming out of my television?

This strikes me funny, considering a series of events occuring to me during the winter of 2000. There was a girl, who was enamored with me, even though I didn't feel the same way. She kept pursuing for a while, and finally I sat her down and said, "We're just not a pair. I'm "Jack" and I'm looking for a "Jill", you know? My match." She asked, "Then who am I?" I said, scrambling to maintain the metaphor, "You're Jane. And you need to find your John." "Sometimes, people named John go by the name 'Jack.'" "That's not the point, you know what I mean."

I know that she wasn't the one, by any means, and we would have slowly destroyed each other with too much devotion and mutual worship. But it's funny to remember that conversation in the light of this new resolution of mine.

If my longing for a Jane is related to the television show, one could argue that I had already found one. But I'm hopeful that one day, I'll stumble across another.

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