Wednesday, February 05, 2003

"Promises, promises..."

Yeah, I know, I know, I always say, 'oh in the next day or so, I'll..." I know. I'm a big fat liar. But I'm a well-intentioned big fat liar, for what it's worth.

So here we are, at 1:42 a.m. 2/5/03. Let's get busy


The reason why I post so little is that the job search is intensifying. I'm online daily, but I'm on the big jobsites, uploading my resume and emailing companies, and so forth. By the way, kudos and "way big ups" to for making one of my favorite super bowl commercials (the montage of various professionals dreamily singing "The Rainbow Connection" from the Muppet Movie). So yeah. Everytime I sit down to the computer, I feel guilty if I'm not jobhunting. I haven't been able to write creatively in a long time, and those who know me can imagine how I feel about this. So obviously my time to post is limited. There you go--obligatory explanation.


In other news, unemployment (or I should say, under employment) has provided a few small blessings, one of which is more time to read. I'm telling you what folks, I had forgotten how nice a day off can be. I'm on the last of three days in a row, and I'm doing great. I've finished two books that I had put on hold, and am about to start working on a third. I love reading. One of my favorite things.

I'm also returning to the childhood joy of video games. Go ahead, roll your eyes, but everyonce in a while, it's just what I need to unwind. Ten minutes of gaming is a beautiful thing. I'm working on Castlevania 64, ridding the world of the evil vampire menace. Okay, roll your eyes again. But I love this stuff.


I have profitted from others' loss, and I have no shame. Those of you in Houston may know that CD Warehouse is bankrupt and have closed all of their Houston locations. Well, before the whole thing went down, I bought a truckload of CD's, some of which I had sold copies of in the past, in the Great CD Liquidation of my junior year. Cuz you gotta do laundry, you know? So yes. I purchased two Jars of Clay, one Michael W. Smith, two PFR, two Grammatrain, and a host of other Christian goodies from the mid-nineties. Ah yes. I also got an REM, a Robbie Williams, and two by The Josh Joplin Group, which is suprisingly superior. So go me. Oh, and Aimee Mann's newest.

Musical Recommendations of the Month:

Josh Joplin Group, "The Future That Was"--fantastic, guitar driven folk-rock; parental note--there is one pretty-jaw-dropping profanity in the second track, so if that's a problem, act accordingly

Aimee Mann, "Lost in Space"--one of the most beautiful voices in music...yowsa; parental note--drug references, possible mild profanity (I'm not sure, actually)

Norah Jones, "Come Away with Me"--though I hate to sound like "that guy", I figured out that this girl was good before she went to number one on the billboard chart; but wow, what a voice; the blues never sounded so good

Don Chaffer, "What You Don't Know"--yes, this is the first Christian artist so far (my statement on the quality of Christian music, perhaps), but yeah, this is one of the best musicians in CM in my opinion; everything he does is great; parental note--mild profanity (believe it or not)

Radiohead, "OK Computer"--Rediscovered this gem; just a brilliant album; "Paranoid Android" and "Karma Police" are my favorite tracks

So there you go, kiddies, run off to your local record store and pick these beauties up before all your friends do.

OH, by the way, the new Juliana Theory album came out today. Yes, the rumors are true, Target is selling it this week for 5.99. TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY. Go get it. I'll have an honest to goodness, newspaper-style review next time.

This is a long post, isn't it... I'll give the computer a breather...

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