Friday, February 28, 2003

Additions, subtractions, revisions, and reimaginations...

I threw in the last one in case i felt a little Tim Burton-y. (If you didn't get that, don't worry about it.)

So yeah, upon review of the "Overlooked Album list" I have to make some changes. The extensive noteriety of Kevin Max and Jars of Clay disqualifies them from the list, and the following are their replacements.

5) Model Engine, "The Lean Years Tradition": This is a fantastic album from a consistently good band. Back when they were Black Eyed Sceva (one of my fave Christian band names), they were rad, and this ablum continues the trend. Songs like "Hang you Upside Down" and "Anonymous F" are great, as well as "Reeperbahn" and its use of the phrase "there's a cigarette stuck in the mouth of an overpainted whore." My current favorite track, however, is "Scarred but Smarter", a song that hits closer to home as time goes by.... So yeah. Give this one a spin.

4) Guardian, "Buzz": When it comes right down to it, you just have to give props to big hair rock. This is my favorite overall record by this blue-collar rock band. When you listen to early Guardian, it's like the reincarnation of Stryper, but this album individualizes the band, and gives it a sound similar, but distinct. And really, "Lead the Way" is just a great rock song.

So there you go. Revision.

On the topic of music, I recently cleaned up at Grapevine, purchasing seven cassettes for fifty cents each. My new acquisitions, with commentary:
"No Place Like Home", Scarecrow and Tinmen--it's growing on me
"Livin it up Till I Die", The Electrics--if it's not scottish it's crap, laddie!
"American Standard", EDL--um, yeah... i'm not into screaming as much as I thought
"The Emperors New Band", This Train--outside of the title track and a cover or two, this should be considered a trainwreck
"Star-studded Super Step", Poor Old Lu--I tried, Trev, but I just can't connect with this band
Chris Taylor--the album with his chin on the cover; i like this guy, saw him in concert with Waterdeep at OBU a few years back
...and I can't remember the last one. sorry.


Hey, if you haven't already, check out Will Ledesma's Livejournal site. He's pretty funny. I enjoy him. And again, props for the use of the song "Let it be Enough" by Switchfoot. I love that song.

Oh, by the way, for those who haven't seen, Trev and I are starting our long-awaited Movie Review Site, called Better Than Critics. We will be covering both video and theatrical releases. My first reviews should be up as soon as I finish this post.

Any other news? Oh, yes. Big congrats and fanfare for Josh Cain, getting the lead in The Adding Machine. Much-deserved, bro. "Oh-pah!!!"

Okay, that's all.


What are you still doing here? The post is over... Go home... Go home. *walking away*

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