Monday, February 10, 2003

Crisis Moment...

My favorite television sitcom of all time is Boy Meets World. Yeah, scoff, but there are those of you who are right with me on this.

On a whim I searched the web for video copies of the show, and found that there is an entire set (all 12 seasons--156 episodes!!!) on sale on Ebay. The current bid is 52 bucks plus shipping. And the sale ends Wednesday!!!

What do I do, guys???? THIS IS THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME!!!

Grr. I hate not having a job. If I had a steady job, I would totally go for this. Seriously, I'm goofy when it comes to the show. I watch the reruns religiously.

So what do you think??? Should I do it? Email me!

And if anyone is feeling philanthropic... I'd sing your praises on this site for years. Just a thought.

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