Monday, February 10, 2003

"Mellow greetings, ookey-dookey..."

Confused? The quote's from an old Cary Grant flick, "The Bachelor and the Bobby-soxer." He of course is the bachelor, and the bobbysoxer is played by none other than a teenage (and kinda cute) Shirley Temple. But yeah, that's the quote's origin.

There's no over-riding theme of this post. Just a general hiya.


Movie Recommendation: "The Philadelphia Story"
Yes indeed. This is an American Film Institute "Top 100 of All Time" selection. And deservedly so. This became one of my favorite old movies ever. It involves my three favorite actors from classic Hollywood (Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, and Jimmy Stewart) and contains one of the most satisfying storylines I've seen in a WWII-era movie, outside of Citizen Kane or Casablanca. But really kids, this movie is hysterically funny. I actually literally slapped my knee, something I never ever do. I felt foolish after doing it, frankly. So go go go rent this wonderful, wonderful movie. For all you folks who demand more detail, it's a romantic comedy that involves a love triangle, which evolves into a love pentagon. I kid you not. Good stuff. Plus a rousing rendition of "Lydia the Tatooed Lady." What more do i need to say.

So go.


Oh, hey, I'm at the library. Did you know the library lets you borrow books??? Isn't that the absolute coolest thing??? Seriously, it had been seven or eight years since i borrowed a library book that wasn't for research. I came here last week, got a book, read it that night.

Which reminds me. I'm keeping a list of the books I finish in 2003. I say "finish" cuz i'm going through the novels that I put down and am picking them up again. Sounds like cheating, I know, but I'm counting it. So I'm issuing the challenge to all you rabid-readers out there to do the same. I'm up to five completed books this year, three from start to finish.

I'm about to check out "On the Road" from the library. Much thanks to David Shook for reminding me that this gem was still out there in the world. Also going home with me is "The Bell Jar", so I guess I'll give a shout-out to all my ragin feminists. You know who you are. Or you know which ones I'm talking about, at any rate.


One final note. Yes, I know, I still don't have anything substantial up on Still Searching for Thomas. But as I discussed with miss Manders last night, I haven't really been in a place to write anything spiritual lately. But finally, I am leaving the valley. And God is faithful. So look for a couple posts this week.

Much love my friends. Until then, remember: he who laughs last, was the slowest to get the joke.

I leave you with the wise words of Woody Guthrie:
"It takes a worried man, to sing a worried song... I'm worried now, but I won't be worried long."

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