Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Has it been eight days already?

Wowsa. Sorry kids.

Here I am in the public library, because their computers are infinitely faster than mine. How sad is that. But yes. So much easier to type here than at home also.

How is everybody? Good? That's good.

I need a job, folks. Any suggestions as to a career I should pursue? Lemme know.

I've gotten a few top fives or tens back already from y'all. Gimme more. In fact, email me any top five you like. I'll post my "top five" of them. Anything you got. And if you want your song list to be included, just lemme know.

So.... yah.... how's it going...

I'm working my way through Black House right now. For those of you who are not "in the know", it's Stephen King's follow-up to The Talisman. So far it's pretty good. No "Dark Tower", but solid King material.

Currently in the boombox: "Collaborations" by KJ-52. I've been spinning this disc most frequently. Good little album. Fun stuff. Yesterday, I listened to Steve Taylor's "Squint", PFR's best-of "The Late Great PFR", Seven Day Jesus' self-titled debut, Model Engine's "The Lean Years Tradition", and Jars of Clay's "If I Left The Zoo". I was on a domestic chore rampage. Actually made my bed and everything. So I had time for some tunes.

A Hard Day's Night is a good movie. Watch it.

The Ring is evil in its purest form. Don't watch it.

The Sorprano's is a wicked and vile television show. I just finished watching the second season DVD's. What does that say about me? I don't know. That I was influenced by bad people at OBU. But then again, I'll take one "bad" person over a dozen "good" people just about any day of the week.

OH. I need to make a correction to something I told someone recently. I was discussing the band Evanescence with my good friend and fellow blogger Manders, and I mentioned that a guy I sorta knew at OBU was in the band. That's only partly true. After a little research, I have found that the afore-mentioned acquaintance, David Hodges, is no longer part of the band. Also, I know that before all of the recent "Daredevil" hullabaloo, the band was clearly a Christian band. I make no claim of and take no responsibility for anything the band does from this point on that may be offensive.

So there ya go. I think my lawyers will be happy with that.

My feelings for the movie Daredevil will receive a separate post. yes.

Speaking of fellow bloggers, you all should keep an eye on my good buddy and former roommate Trevor Taylor, who has recently joined the ranks of the blogging underground. He's a sharp dude, a good friend, and the only person I know who's every been to the national Star Wars Celebration convention (twice). I have spent a lot of time talking LOTR with this guy, so if you wanna get into that with him, I'm sure he's up for it. And he's from Kansas City (or thereabouts) so he'll no doubt bring that up too. But anyway, just the heads up. Oh, and ask him about Turtle Power. He likes that.

Well, as the DCT boys used to say, "time is tick-tick-tickin away." I have six minutes left on the comp. Before I have to re-login. So I guess we'll just close up the ol' "ATDTT" mailbag and say thanks and have a good day.

Goodbye, good luck, and screw the french.

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