Thursday, May 19, 2005

What's that? You want my review?

Well, you can't have it. Because I don't do "spoiler-free." At least not often. And I won't for this one.

Super Short Review:

If you have any love for Star Wars at all--

Go. See. It.

It's got the familiar goofy line readings and stilted dialogue that we loved in the originals, plus kick-tail special effects and (gasp!) actual human drama.

And Jar-Jar Binks does not say A SINGLE WORD in this one.

The ending, especially the last scene, actually gave me chills. That's never happened with SW before.

Go see it. Seriously. Go.

Later today:

--An account of my theater experience up to the film's start.

--A rumination on Superman and the quest for self-knowledge.

Have a good morning.

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