Thursday, May 19, 2005

In the Waiting Line

Sis and I arrived at the theater at around 9:15 p.m. for the midnight show. When we got there, there were no fewer than 700 fans already in line. Easily.

We joined the first line. We were followed by a group of four teenage girls (and one guy) all wearing homemade tee-shirts that proclaimed, "I Slept With Count Dooku." (In a word: ewww.)

When we realized we were in the wrong line (the theater 13-24 line, instead of our line for Theater 12), we walked around the building to get to the back of *that* line.

(See my audio post.)

As we made our way, we saw that at least one out of five fans wore costumes. Some were homemade, a few were kind of sad (no, pal, wrapping your body in aluminum foil doesn't count as a costume), but most were really intricate and looked professionally made.

We were finally allowed to take our seats. We had the typical screamers who'd yell out "WOOOT! STAR WARS! YEAH! STAR WARS! WOOOOOOOOT!" every five freaking minutes. There were lightsabers everywhere, from the more common extendable plastic ones, to the ones that have what looks like a fluorescent lightbulb for a blade that lights up and makes the "clashing noise" whenever you hit it against something.

Lots of people in robes. They must have been burning up.

The highlight of the pre-film festivities came when two fully-armored Storm Troopers, a fully-armored Boba Fett, a chubby looking "New Hope" Leia (with blaster), and a skinny Emperor, all walked in together, then began posing with people snapping pictures. What a roar of applause that greeted their entrance! I'm sure it was their proudest moment.

Of course, someone shouted out from the upper-level seats, "You're a little short to be a Storm Trooper, aren't ya?"

The characters sat together near the front.

There was applause when the lights dimmed and the "pre-show countdown" commercials transitioned into trailers.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Well, that looks rather scandalous. Angelina...yeow. Vince Vaughn's role looks funny.

Wedding Crashers. More Vince Vaughn, along with Owen "Burn-out" Wilson.

Fantastic Four. Jessica Alba's in this? You got it all wrong, Thing--it's "slobberin" time. (Actually, not really, but I couldn't resist the joke.)

The Island. Oh my lovely Scarlett. How can you cheat on me with that hack Ewan McGregor?

Stealth. Supersonic fighter jet with AI? That goes hay-wire??? NOOO! Who ever HEARD of such a thing?

Chronicles of Narnia. My mom (who joined us at around 10:15) decided it will not be our official "family Christmas Day movie" because it would "put the baby in therapy." Dang. Now I'll have to sit through stupid crap. Again.

Then the movie starts. Turn off your phones, geeks.

And the lights don't go down.

Twentieth Century Fox. Applause.

Lucasfilm. Applause.

Main Title. Thunderous tumult of applause.

And the lights don't go down.

The "crawl" starts up. Sith, Dooku, blah blah blah.

Lights still up.

Since i'm in the upper section, I jump up, run through the upper-level doors to the weird balcony above the concession stand, and yell down that the lights are still on. By the time I get back, the lights dim all the way off, and I take my seat.

You're welcome, fellow audience members.

A massive space battle, full of motion and noise. And it begins.

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