Tuesday, May 31, 2005

PBB (belated) Cool Ten [5/29-6/4]

10. As ice.
9. 25-24. Over .500, baby!
8. Cold Roses and Rebel, Sweetheart. Nine bucks each. That's cool.
7. Beginning my summer reading project last night. Right now, I'm pacing myself (a chapter or two a night) while I finish up some other books. Then, I'll dive in.
6. Chapter 8 (or 9--I forget) of "Taylor House" will be up this afternoon.
5. Spending time with my best friend from college. I will miss him and his lovely wife, when they move away.
4. Hanging out and eating good fajitas with the SunSco group. An all-evening Sunday event that included multiple board games and 3+ hours of Halo 2.
3. Obedience. Sucks in the short term, but is rewarding in the long term. Or so I'm told.
2. U.S. veterans. My best posts and the full extent of my attempts at eloquence couldn't even begin to do these men and women justice. If you are or know a veteran, make a point of telling them that I, one of the faceless masses they have protected, am eternally grateful for their service, and support them wholeheartedly.
1. You know how, when you've been avoiding God, because you're not following His will, and you finally realize that you're miserable and powerless without Him, and you turn back to Him and He welcomes you with open arms? That's the coolest thing of all.

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