Wednesday, May 18, 2005

*cue the "Imperial March" music*

This is it. Tomorrow, I may be too blissed out (or sleepy) to post much. And I'll keep from reviewing or even commenting much on the movie until after the weekend, to give you all a chance to see it first.

So tonight, I have two much-anticipated finales to look forward to--the Smallville season finale (Graduation! Goodbyes! Killer Meteors!) and the REAL finale, the coup de grace, the final destruction of Anakin "Pod-Boy" Skywalker and the phoenix-like ascension of the greatest villain in movie history (take that, Hannibal Lecter).

A few related links:

George Lucas has been talking about how his original perspective of the Evil Empire was (and apparently still is) actually the United States, during the Vietnam era. Hmmm. Here's another perspective, Georgie, from someone who apparently knows something about living under tyranny.

On a less political, but just as touching, note: Here's the final installment of the Darth Vader blog I talked about a few days ago. Go ahead, read it. It really is pretty incredible. I nearly welled up, there at the end. The author of the site can write, that's for sure.

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