Monday, May 23, 2005

PBB Hot Five, Cool Five (5/22-5/28)

5. The happy couple who got hitched on Saturday. Not only because they're an attractive pair, but because they were wearing formal wedding clothes for more than six hours on a day where the temp hung around the mid-90s.
4. Coffee.
3. Texas in late May.
2. Cook-out lunch yesterday with the SunSco class. Good time of hanging out.
1. My apartment. I got home Sunday night to find that my air conditioner had broken. The temperature in the apartment was over 90 degrees, according to the thermostat. It took almost four hours for the maintenance guy to fix it.

5. My apartment, once the maintenance guy fixed my AC.
4. The concert on Friday. Good music. But there were a lot of people jumping around in there, so it was rather warm. For that reason, it is low on the "cool" list.
3. Road-tripping. I do some of my best thinking on the road.
2. Seeing a few acquaintences from OBU that I didn't expect to see.
1. Both Mike and Ginny made a big deal about how glad they were I was there. And that pretty much made my week.

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