Friday, May 27, 2005

Quick Hits

  • Finished watching The Aviator last night. Holy crap. I'm now willing to take back pretty much every snarky thing I've ever said about Leonardo DiCaprio's acting skills. I mean, damn. He was phenomenal. The movie was also great, and should have won more awards than it did. (Sidenote: You Wainwright fans will appreciate that, not only does Rufus perform in the movie, but so does his father Louden and his sister Martha. I thought that was keen.) So there you go. Mark it down, folks--"Dave praises DiCaprio performance."
  • I found this interesting. Points to consider, perhaps, if you are of that political persuasion. (Alliteration run rampant, it seems.)
  • Going to see SWe.3 again in... roughly 3 1/2 hours. Woohoo!
  • Some things never get old. Example: "I've got a fever! And the only prescription is..."
  • Come on, folks. The Dead Letter thing isn't *that* creepy. Okay. Fine. We're opening it up. You may now write to living celebrities as well. Just write.
  • I'm looking forward to a weekend with family and friends. Enjoy the holiday, but use it for what it's intended. Remember the cost of your freedom. Honor the fallen, and the ones still fighting.

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