Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"I'm bouncing off the walls again..."


(Name the band. No googling.)

It's bad enough that i'm here at 6:47. But I have gotten a grand total of "jack" and "crap" done, and I still have a boatload to finish. Before I leave.

I hate Wednesdays. They sucketh.

How you been, pal?


Before the meeting today (which, for the record, wasn't even the "Big Ugly"), one of the doctors overheard me mentioning Elvis Costello in passing, and he said (in his righteously thick Irish accent), "You know, U2 has been playing Elvis Costello at their shows. Dropping verses of his songs in the middle of their own. It's unbelievable."

"Really? That's awesome. I've got my tickets for when they come in October."

"I saw them last weekend. And I literally grew up with them, but that show last weekend was the greatest show of theirs I've ever seen."

"Yeah? I've heard as much from others."

"Just amazing."

[Mr. Scott, increase 'Anticipation' to Warp 9. "I jus' canna doit, cap'n. She canna handle it." Oh, she'll handle it, Mr. Scott.]


Finished "Hitchhiker's Guide..." It was good. I'm sorry I saw the movie first, though, because not only did it spoil all the best jokes for me, but the movie has more of a plot than the first book of the 5-book "trilogy." I'm sure if I read all of the books, I'd feel differently, but right now, I'd prefer the movie to the book. And that doesn't happen often.

Right now, I'm reading an awesome Dickens "biography." I don't quite consider it a pure biography--it's like a biography written by a fan. Crossed with a "...For Dummies" book. But smarter and more entertaining. I can't describe it fairly. But it's really really really good, so if you like Dickens (my favorite author growing up), you should check it out ASAP.


[Movie Sign.]

I'm not recommending it. I'm not approving of its content. I'm not promoting it in any way.

But PCU really struck me funny.

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