Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Random Wednesday

1. It seems George Clooney doesn't like the idea of Lake Como being more heavily developed. He's spearheading a protest by area residents against the development plans. Two years ago, he even tried to buy the public beach by his vacation home, to make it a private beach that couldn't be turned into a parking lot.

As much as I may disagree with Clooney about a myriad of topics, I have to stand behind him on this. I've been to Lake Como, and more development would only spoil the sense of Old World beauty and simplicity that pervades so much of the town. More developments to "cope with the growing number of visitors" would only deaden and destroy the very essence of what is bringing the crowds.

2. Here is a New York Post writer's critique on elements of Michael Moore's documentary "Sicko." It goes to show that you don't need name-calling and mockery to make your point, when you've got facts.

And I'm not saying that the health care industry is running fine, and that insurance is working the way it should. But pointing to Communist dictatorships and socialized-medicine nightmares for staged examples of well-run health care doesn't prove anything. The problem with Moore is that he's a first-class provocateur, but a lousy documentarian. His works are strictly Op-Ed, not News. [h-t: Say Anything]

3. Zach Braff is telling anyone who'll listen that he's not a jerk--honest. Well, he may try to ditch the "cad" label as much as he wants, and maybe I believe him. But it won't do you any good, Mister Braff; once delinked, always delinked. Good day. ...I said good day! [h-t: PC]

4. If you can't appreciate the coolness of this, I'm sorry, I just don't know you. [h-t: PC]

5. And finally, a video series. Believe me, there is a sense of logic to it. And it all begins very dramatically. (Trust me, even if you think you've seen it, go ahead and clickety anyway.)

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