Friday, June 22, 2007


Stuff I Want to Blog About in the Next Week
--The End of "Studio 60" and my guarded ambivalence for Aaron Sorkin
--Tony Blair's Assessment of the Devolution of News Media
--Other TV junk, some movie junk, a little Netflix/DVD junk
--Things I'm doing lately to try to improve myself
--What I'm Reading Lately, and the Awkwardness of Taking Certain Books Out in Public

Links You Should Click
--Laura's Blog. The latest post on "Inertia" is choice.
--Chris' blog. He writes with a brainy poetry that shames me.
--The website to this fantastically geeky-looking movie. Awesome.
--I'm pretty much willing to pay a small fortune to see the touring production of this show.

Things That Are in My Head
--Thankfully, *not* "Rock Lobster"
--This song, instead.

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