Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ten-Link Tuesday

Here's a big ol' batch of awesome for your evening:

1. The Seattle Mariners baseball club is coming to the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field for the first time, tonight. This Seattle sportswriter gives you a glimpse of what makes that park so special. He's absolutely right on.

2. This is just plain cool-looking:

3. Something for my knitting readers: I don't know what this knit-graffiti is a bigger indictment of--the exorbitant amount of time on some people's hands, or the complete and utter apathy of Swedish law enforcement.

4. For some reason, I've only just started reading the Boundless Webzine's blog. But it's interesting. You should check it out.

5. Here's the personal site of one of my favorite political cartoonists, John Cox of "Cox and Forkum."

6. Hollywood insiders talk about "pre-production limbo," the state in which a movie never makes it past the "neat idea, let's work-up a script" phase. Premiere Magazine tackles twenty such films-that-may-never-be.

7. Wanna hear the new White Stripes album that comes out in a week? Of course you do!

8. Maybe it's a little too early to endorse a presidential candidate (especially one who hasn't technically announced), but, well, there you go.

9. You "Heroes" fans may enjoy this: a blog by Jason Badower, one of the artists of the "Heroes" online graphic novel. In it, he details his process for creating the images used. Kind of entertaining in an "Inside-Baseball" sort of way. [h-t: 10th Wonder]

10. Before you go to the new Transformers movie, you should go out and rent the original Transformers movie. Here's the original trailer:

And here's some clips of the new movie, with the brand-new version of the theme song, performed by MuteMath:

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