Monday, April 30, 2007

Nothing terribly exciting.

Piqued your interest, didn't I?

1) ETL Update: I'm saddened not as many of you are into it this year, but were I honest, I'd admit that I kind of half-a...heartedly put out the effort this year. What can I tell you? It was a busy week. Too many moving parts, and none of them interesting enough to mention by name. However, I will accept your ETL lists through the next day or so. See? I'm a sport like that. And a great big THANK YOU to the hearty folks who've pitched in thusfar. Keen.

2) Highlight of the weekend: Meeting Tony, a first-time visitor to my Sunday School class this week, and then later finding out he's actually about to head to the NFL. Gives me a small reason to cheer for Indy. Check out this piece from the NYTimes about Tony. Seems like a great kid. Really polite, nice. Huge guy. Brawny. But mild-mannered and mellow-cool. So we're praying he does well for himself with the Colts.

3) Mic provides a great reminder that being in your 20's is actually pretty cool. I have to remind myself pretty regularly that that's true.

4) Some other interesting things:

5) Finally, some cool YouTube-ness:

"Earth Intruders," Bjork (on Saturday Night Live):

"Angels," Robbie Williams (featuring Joss Stone):

"Polkarama," a fan-made compilation based on Weird Al's latest polka masterpiece:

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