Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What You're Missing Out On, and Why

Things I Had Planned on Posting About (with Links and Everything), but Now Have Neither the Time nor Energy to Address, and Really Cannot Promise to Return to at Some Later Date:

  • The tragic events at Virginia Tech
  • The militance of some Christian youth movements
  • The resolution of the Duke Lacrosse debacle (remember that?)
  • The fallout of the Don Imus firing (remember that too?)
  • The poor start to the Cubs' season

Things Currently Weighing Heavily on My Mind:

  • The appalling lack of easily-accessible housing services for the homeless in Houston.
  • What the best way to help Scotty is.
  • How to get out of my current work slump.
  • How to help people connect at church and in the community.
  • How to inspire Christians to care about service.

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