Monday, April 23, 2007

Important Announcements!

Well, important to me, anyway.

1) I'm issuing an Important PBB Action Alert to all readers: You are all hereby compelled to begin watching the television program "Drive" faithfully from now on. The first three episodes are on the show's Myspace page. You may catch up there. The next broadcast airing is tonight at 7 p.m on the Fox network. The show's ratings last week were pretty bad, which is completely unjust because the program is pretty awesome. If you like fast cars racing recklessly, kidnappings and conspiracies, and twisty-turny plots, then this is your program. Plus, it stars Mal--I mean, Nathan Fillion! So all you Browncoats out there are honor-bound to watch.

I just don't want this show to be yet another well-written, interesting show this year that gets canned after 6 or 7 episodes. So get with the program, folks! Power to the people! Grassroots! We shall overcome!

2) "ETL" E.T.A. = 5 days and counting. More details to follow.

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