Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Embrace the Lame" 2007: The Warm-up Post

This Saturday, April 28, 2007, marks the Third Annual International "Embrace the Lame" Day!

What is "Embrace the Lame" Day, you ask? Well, if you'll allow me to quote myself...
Well, basically what happened is that I caught myself trying to "front," as the kids say. There were things that I secretly enjoyed but never copped to, and would even make fun of in public, because they were/are seen as "lame" or uncool by my peers. Or so I thought. Finally, I had enough with it and decided there needed to be a day to say, "I like this, and I don't care if no one else does, or if anyone else wants to make fun of me for it."

And that's how it all began. Ah, the memories!

Anyway, the original ETL post is here. "ETL '06: The Show" can be found here.

And 2007 marks the third swing at the ol' "ETL" pin-yata. (I can't do the "enyay" stroke, so I typed the Anglicized version--cut me some slack, MAN.)

Last year we had 20 participants, and I just know that this year, we can recruit EVEN MORE! And for that, I need each and every one of YOU to accomplish.

SO, you bloggers, I'm sending out the call: Don't just take part in the ETL goodness alone. Post an ETL invitation on your site to invite your readers to take part in the fun. Make sure they link my page, and comment here too, so I can keep a tally of who is participating.

Lame is cool again, people. Believe it. Huey Lewis was right; it's hip to be square.


And now, to kick off the embraced lameness, a music video I absolutely love and can't get enough of, courtesy of the now-liberated-at-my-workplace YouTube:

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