Monday, March 20, 2006

Three (point five) Quick Points

1. Update: I'm gonna try to be super-productive this morning so that the boss is happy. So expect wedding weekend recap and my "bell-curve" singleness post either this afternoon or tomorrow.

2. Confession: Last night, on a "whim" I've had for the last several weeks, I shaved off my mustache and goatee completely. I hadn't done it in at least 3 years. I immediately regretted this decision. I'm growing it back as quickly as possible.

3. "Swingers"-Themed Reader Poll: Let's say, hypothetically, one gets the email address of a cool girl at a wedding whom this person wants to get to know better. How long should I--I mean, he, the hypothetical person--wait to email?

Sub-question: Said girl also added that she's bad about reading email and worse about replying, and that she doesn't have regular internets access. Is this a brush-off or a challenge?

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