Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Promote Free Speech by Watching "South Park"

Okay, so that was an exaggeration.

Here's the deal. "South Park," a show that is no stranger to angering cultural, ideological, and religious groups, recently created an episode about the "Church" of Scientology and what an unbelievable crock of crap it is.

For the first time (at least in my knowledge), Comedy Central caved to an angered group, and pulled the episode from being aired any more. Representatives of the "Church"--including the Great Couch-Jumper himself--have been infuriated by this episode and want it off the air.

They should know by now: You can't stop the signal.

So here, for your consumption, is that controversial episode. (WARNING: It's "South Park," for pete's sake, so if irreverence and bad language and poor taste offend you, don't watch. Duh.)

Funny thing is, aside from the Scientology stuff and some bad language, it's pretty mild compared to most of the South Park episodes I've seen.

I don't usually promote such controversial things personally or online. And some of you may be questionning if I should be promoting this show at all, as a believer in Christ. I understand that.

The principle of the thing is what I'm after here. If it's all fine and good for this show to offend Christians at times, then it's just as fine and good to offend other groups. That's how this whole "free speech" thing works. You take the good as well as the bad.

Maybe the insane embassy-burners halfway around the world will someday learn this.

[Thanks to Rob from Say Anything for making this episode easily accessible.]

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