Monday, March 06, 2006

The film I'm most looking forward to seeing this year... (UPDATED)

...doesn't involve mutants** or caped crusaders (though those two movies round out my "top three").

The film I'm anticipating most, as of five minutes ago, is a movie about my favorite radio show of all time.

If you are a reader or friend of this blog, it is now a moral imperative for you to support this film, when it is released this June.

I don't believe that last sentence was an overstatement in any way.

UPDATE: Ach, a collossal blog faux pas. I'm usually better about this.

A very appreciative hat-tip to Manders for the info.

**As stated in the comments, after reviewing the X3 trailer, I may have to revise my list to show APHC as my #2 most anticipated movie of the year. But as much of a Superman fan as I've become, "Returns" still ranks a distant third to Keillor's opus.

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