Friday, September 16, 2005

The PBB Third Anniversary Ridiculous Trivia Quiz! (Now with Answers!)

In honor of PBB's third birthday, I present the following impossibly hard quiz (scoured from the archives), covering the history of the site and (mildly) important events in its existence.

So, basically, if you're REALLY BORED, this could be mildly entertaining.


1) Who were the first three bloggers i linked to, in any form? Riss, Bill Barol, and Willam
2) What was the original title of the blog? "Anything to Disrupt the Tedium"
3) List my 5-7 most overlooked Christian CDs of all time. See here and here.
4) How many spin-off blogs have I created? Actually, at last count, 5. All but two are gone now.
5) Which class gave me the most trouble as a teacher? The pesky 10th-B class.
6) What was the "dream" described in "A Dream Realized"? Seeing the Counting Crows live.
7) What were Brother Thomas Delphius' posts about? Stewardship ("Jesus stuff" doesn't count as an answer, sorry.)
8) Which Empire Records character am I? Lucas, of course.
9) Which publisher did I specifically talk about applying to? Zondervan
10) Who's Ophelia? An old girlfriend.
11) What's the best name that the Future Mrs. Teacherdave can have? Jane.
12) What was the title of the series of posts involving meeting Robbie Seay and hearing Seth Woods play? "Stranger in a Strange Land Bookstore"
13) Who originated the Thursday Thirteen? Manders
14) How many books did I read in 2003? I don't remember, you look it up. End of December.
15) Which Cowboy Bebop character am I? Spike, of course.
16) Name 3 of the "Ten CD's I Can't Live Without." Check it.
17) Who's Meselech? My WorldVision kiddo.
18) Which Presidential candidate did PBB officially endorse? (had to throw a softball in there) Um, duh. Chimpy McBushitlerburtonron.
19) Where was the destination of my last big business trip? St. Louis
20) What event did NOT cause the world to end? Electing Chimpy McBushitlerburtonron again.
21) When did the first Cool Ten appear? 11/30/04
22) Who was involved in "The Scam that Wasn't"? How'd that ultimately end up? Miss A and the Italian, who later got married and asked me to be the Best Man.
23) What was the title of my "Ginsberg homage" poem? "Shrug"
24) Fill in the blank: "_______, and I write the songs." (3 words) "I am Manilow"
25) What was the last song on my 2004 soundtrack? "Yahweh" by U2
26) How many books are in the "Dark Tower" series? Seven
27) Who was my most read author of BOTH 2003 and 2004? The King
28) What's the name of the official end-of-the-year award given here at PBB? The Slackie
29) Which movie "just might be the loveliest movie ever made"? It's a Wonderful Life
30) Which 100 Acre Wood character am I, according to the quiz? Pooh-bear, of course
31) Who did I hang out with, this past New Year's Eve? the rockinest people in Killeen, the Couris
32) How many chapters of Taylor House are posted thusfar? 10
33) What Biblical story was the subject of my very first "Bible Redux" post (though it wasn't named that at the time)? the Book of Job
34) What was the subject of "How Not to Do Things: Holiday Edition"? one really bad Valentine's Day
35) What was my favorite Super Bowl commercial? Honoring the Troops, by the beer company
36) I did a bonus Cool Ten of quotes from a single movie. Which movie? "I Heart Huckabees"
37) What color was my critique of the PoMo/Emergent church movement written in? green
38) What is Thursday BBP? "brown bag poetry"
39) What's April 28? "Embrace the Lame Day"
40) Which Ring-wraith am I? The Witch-King of Engmar, of course
41) Why does Snoop Dogg always carry an umbrella? Fo' drizzle.
42) What's the "closing credits" song in "The Soundtrack of My Life"? "The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth" by Waterdeep
43) Fill in the blank: It's time for everyone's favorite game, "Recaptioning __________ Photos!" (two words) "Harry Potter"
44) Why is Buc-ee's famous? "Home of the Creepy Beaver Logo"
45) Which Christian artist did I used to be a big fan of, until the most recent album? What's the name of the album? John Reuben, "The Boy vs. The Cynic"
46) Where does the name "Perfect Blue Buildings" come from? a Counting Crows song
47) What hyphenated title do I claim proudly for myself? "slacker-lit-geek"
48) Which Classic Leading Man am I? Jimmy Stewart
49) Cake or pie? Always, always, always, always CAKE.
50) Was this a colossal waste of time? Probably.

So, how'd ya do?


0-10: You're a casual reader. S'cool.
10-20: You read enough to remember things. I appreciate it.
20-30: Wow, you've been paying attention.
30-40: You're either Manders or you have been combing the archives.
40-50: You remember more of this than I do. That's flattering... and rather creepy. Stop stalking me, please.

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