Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Well, then...

I don't know. Didn't have a clever title for the opener.

Doing well. Thanks for asking.

I return to NCS Pearson for more test-grading fun and excitement on Monday. Five days a week, 8-4:30? It will almost feel like I'm gainfully employed again.

Um... let's see.

Saw an advanced screening of "The Italian Job." (And, funny, every time I hear the title, I think of the Eddie Izzard bit on Toni's CD. Hm.) But no. I saw it for free, at the POSHEST MOVIE THEATER IN THE WORLD. Or at least, that I've ever seen. Edwards Palace Grand Marquee Cinema, two blocks from the Compaq Center. All you Houston-ites, should check it out. (I've begun a boycott of the word "Houstonian." Plus, Houston-ite sounds cooler. Well, I think it does.)

Go see "The Italian Job." It was a great flick. I enjoyed it mucho.

Um... guess that's all the basic stuff. Job hunting. Hanging out with the Doudts and the Ozmans. The old "crew". The old "posse". Who seem to be "heck"-bent on getting themselves lynched. But anyway.

That's all. I have the fun exciting life.

Calgon, take me away.

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