Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Musical Observation

I've been listening to my favorite band, Counting Crows, for a while now. And I've discovered a thematic progression through their albums. Come with me on the journey, won't you?

1. August and Everything After--the end of a relationship
2. Recovering the Satellites--a few months afterwards, when the pain is still felt
3. This Desert Life--dealing with loneliness, wondering if love can be found again
4. Hard Candy--a wiser, sadder examination of the emptiness of superficial relationships/flings, which expresses a deeper longing for true love and a real connection

(I didn't include the live album, obviously, cuz...that would just be silly.)

Kinda makes you think, eh? Do you agree or disagree? Lemme know what your take is on each of the albums. I'd be interested to hear other interpretations.

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